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Georgina Mucsi, Assistant lecturer

szerző: Polyák Lilla | 2011. április 12. 14:50:48

Mucsi Georgina

tel: + 36 72/503-650/23567

Georgina Mucsi obtanied her Masters degree in social work at the University of Pécs. Currently she is a Ph. D student in the Programme in Cultural Sciences of the Doctoral School in Literary Sciences at the University of Pécs.



Psychosocial skills development I., II., Professional skills development, Cultural approaches to death, dying, Integrated preparatory seminar for field work, Modern methods in psychiatric and addictions care


2007- : Psychosocial transformations and the rhetoric of change in the 12-step Fellowships. A project funded by the National Scientific Research Fund. Leader: Gábor Kelemen

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