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Dr. habil. Gábor Kelemen, Reader, Addiction Studies & Research

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Kelemen Gábor

tel: +36 72503600 / 23579 ext.

Gabor Kelemen graduated from the Medical School of the University of Pécs. He continued his studies in the Medical University for Postgraduate Studies (Budapest) and qualified as a  Psychiatrist. In 1994, he obtained his degree in Addiction Studies and Psychotherapy at Haynal Imre University (Budapest). In 1998, he received a further postgraduate degree in Supervision.He spent an academic year in a non-degree programme at the Johns Hopkins University (Department of Mental Hygiene) in 1998-9.

He has got substantial practical experiences in the helping field as a psychotherapist, addictionologist, and supervisor. He was appointed regional Chief of Addictionology. He has also been involved in managing a therapeutic community (Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Institute, Leo Amici 2002 Foundation).

With his colleagues in Budapest, he worked to establish the first addiction counselling course in Hungary in 1996.

He is co-editor of Addictologia Hungarica. He is an editorial board member in Contemporary Family Therapy and contributing editor of The International Connections.

He has sustained a longstanding interest in self-help and has been working to apply dialogical learning theory to groups of drug addicts and various social systems.

He has been elected Vice Dean of the Faculty of Humanities.

Recent research projects led by Gabor Kelemen:
2007- : Psychosocial transformations and the rhetoric of change in the 12-step Fellowships. A project funded by the National Scientific Research Fund.
2006-2007: International research project on theatre therapy (supported by EQUAL)
2002-2006:  The Role of Ruptures, Mismatches, Microdissynchronisms in the Reintegration Rituals of Addicts. A project funded by the National Scientific Research Fund.
2002-2003: Matra-Kap (Royal Netherlands Embassy.) The message of sobriety.
2002: Phare Network - Self-help and self-care in the context of recovery
2000: A National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) International Medical Education Model for the Prevention and Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder. Hungarian co-ordinator.
1998- 2000: Treatment of addicted persons and their relatives in the Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Institute, Leo Amici 2002 Foundation) A Phare Micro-project.

Membership of International Professional Bodies:
1997- : Hungarian Representative of the International Family Therapy Association
1995- 2000: Hungarian Representative of the European Family Therapy Association
2002- : Member of EuroTC
Gabor Kelemen has been board member or founding member in several Hungarian professional associations, mainly in the field of addictionology.

Awards & Scholarships:
2008: The 2007. Excellence Publication Award of the University of Pecs (with Marta B. Erdos and J. Madacsy) 1st Prize
December, 2007 - January, 2008: Leonardo Programme, staff exchange programme between the University of Chester and the University of Pecs.
2002: Kabay Janos Prize - Ministry of Youth and Sports
August, 1998 - June, 1999: A Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Department of Mental Hygiene

Gabor Kelemen has published more than 100 articles in international and Hungarian journals and books, mostly in the field of addiction studies. He has always been committed to introduce relevant international theories and professional practice into the helping professions in Hungary: he has reviewed over 200 books and published several translations as well.

Publications in English:
Kelemen, Gábor., B. Erdős, Márta., Csürke, József., Brettner, Zsuzsa., Molnar, Dániel (2007): Dialogues for sobriety - Health learning in communities. Practice, 19.  (submitted for publication)
Kelemen Gábor, B. Erdős Márta, Madácsy József  (2007): Voices of sobriety: Exploring the process of recovery through patient testimonials. Addiction Research & Theory, 15, 127-140.
Fekete Sándor, Kelemen Gábor (2005): The role of imitation and modeling in suicide behavior and prevention In: Suicide studies; from genetics to psychiatry and culture Pécs, University of Pécs, 189-194.
Fekete Sándor, Kelemen Gábor (2005): Suicide and modeling in literature and in operas.In: Suicide studies – from genetics to psychiatry and culture  Pécs, University of Pécs, 172-188.
Kelemen Gábor, B Erdős Márta (2004): A Cultural Approach to 12-Steps Fellowship Programs in Hungary. International Journal of Self Help and Self Care, 2. 187-203.
Kelemen Gábor, B. Erdős Márta (2004): Craving for sobriety. A unique therapeutic community in Hungary, Faculty of Humanities University of Pécs; The Leo Amici 2002 Foundation. Pécs, 132 pp.
Osváth,, Péter. Kelemen, Gábor, B. Erdős, Márta, Fekete, Sándor (2003): The main factors of repetition; review of some results of Pécs Centre WHO/EURO Multicentre Study on Suicidal Behavior. Crisis, 24, 151-154.
Kelemen, Gábor, B. Erdős Márta (2003): The role of reintegration rituals in sobriety: A comparative study on recovery and relapse. Dynamic Psychiatry, 36, 89-113.
Kelemen Gábor (2002): Violence and family In: Women (Szerk.: Varga É.) University of Pécs, 60-67.
Kelemen, Gábor., Mihaldinecz, Csaba., Timár, Csaba (2001): Trends and consequences : Illegal drug use in Hungary.  CNF Quarterly Journal, 1, 4-6.
Kurimay, Tamás., Kelemen, Gábor (1999):  Ethical Practice and Issues of Power. In: J. Lask, R. Dallos, T. Kurimay, Zs. Etenyi (eds.) Distance Education for Family Therapy. Counselling and Supervision. European Training Foundation - JGYTF, Budapest, 228-258.
Kelemen, Gábor (1999): Marriage enhancement as a selective prevention program for couples with Adult Children of Substance Abusers. In: Project Proposal to Reduce Substance Abuse in Ten Developing Countries. A Publication of the 1998-99 H. H. Humphrey Fellows in Substance Abuse. Research Monograph. Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore. 115-129

Books in Hungarian:
Kelemen, G. & Csákine, Király, L. (2004): Pszichiátriai és szenvedélybetegek szociális ellátása. (Social Care for Addicts and Psychiatric Patients) Nemzeti Család és Szociálpolitikai Intézet, Budapest.
Kelemen, G. (2001): Szenvedélybetegség, család, pszichoterápia. (Addiction, family, psychotherapy) Pro Pannonia, Pecs.
Kelemen, G, & B. Erdos, M. (eds.) (2001) : Az addiktológia horizontja. (Horizons in Addictionology) PTE, Pécs.
Hamp, G & Kelemen, G. (2000): A család. (The Family) Balassi Kiadó - Pax Romana, Budapest
Kelemen, G. (1994) Az addikciók széles spektruma. (Wide Spectre of Addictions) Országos Alkohológiai Intézet, Budapest.
Kelemen, G. & Gál, B. (1990): Kotrollvesztő alkoholizmus. Kettős leírás (Loss of Control in Alcoholism. Double Description). Országos Alkohológiai Intézet, Budapest.

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