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Juhász Gábor (ed.):

PATRONUS: Career Planning in the Southern Transdanubian Region

ISBN 978-963-06-4164-7
Published in 2007, Kaposvar-Pecs: Human Exchange Human Resource Development and Consultancy Foundation & University of Pecs, 2007.
224 pages
Language: Hungarian

What are the possible policies and measures facilitating unemployed entrants' integration into the Hungarian labour force market?  This work examines entrants' opportunities in the labour force market from multiple perspectives. What are the strategies in the years following the social transition? The vocational structure in Hungary has not fully met the demands of employers. Cooperation between educational systems and employers have not been improved, conflicting interests are still present. As a consequence, mismatches of varied intensity between demand and supply have fossilized.


Szervezés és vezetés

Juhász, Gábor:

Introduction into Organization and Management. Basic Concepts and Theories

ISBN 978-963-642-159-5
Pecs: University of Pecs, 2007.
221 pages
Language: Hungarian


This work is a concise textbook on basic concepts and theories on the practical aspects of organization and management discussed in details in the international and national references.


human research

Juhász, Gábor & Garai, Péter:

Human Research in the Non-Profit Sector

 ISBN 978-963-642-174-8
Pecs: University of Pecs, 2007.
207 pages
Language: English


Some telling results of recent empirical research on civil organizations and target groups with employment and other social handicaps are summarized in this book. It can be concluded that human resource and organization development as well as the establishment of collaborating professional networks are of primary importance in contemporary Hungary.


Bonds of language

B. Erdős, Márta:

Bonds of Language
(A nyelvben élő kapcsolat)

Issues in the Communication Research Series
ISSN: 1787-2634
ISBN: 963 9548 75 8
Published in 2006, Budapest, Typotex.
317 pages
Language: Hungarian

This work is an exploration into the communicative characteristics of suicidal crisis. What kind of linguistic universe is co-constructed by the speakers in the specific institutional setting of telephonic emergency services for suicide prevention? What are the main features of public discourse on suicide in contemporary Hungary? How do speakers proceed from discourse to dialogue to facilitate reconstruction of meanings and identity?


Social labour

Juhász, Gábor:

Social and Labour Force interests. Civil Roles


ISBN 978-963-06-1261-6
Kaposvar: Human Exchange Human Resource Development and Consultancy Foundation, 2006.
112 pages.
Language: Hungarian with English summaries

The four chapters and the thesaurus direct readers' attention to the importance of civil / non-profit organizations in regional or local collaborating networks of state economy through the definition of interests and stakes.


Social law

Molnár, Margit:

Szociálpolitikai és szociális jogi alapok


Published in 2006, Pecs, PTE
(Faculty of political and Legal Sciences)
Language: Hungarian

Lecture notes for graduate and postgraduate students of law on the intersection between social law and social policy. The national system and resources of social law are outlined.


Psychiatric care

Kelemen, Gábor & Csákyné Király, L.:

Providing Care for Persons with Psychiatric Symptoms and Substance Abuse
(Pszichiátriai és szenvedélybetegek szociális ellátása)

ISBN 963 866 4428
Published in 2004, Budapest: Nemzeti Család- és Szociálpolitikai Intézet
178 pages
Language: Hungarian

This book is an excellent learning aid in professional development for those who are interested in recent improvements in social care provided for persons with psychiatric symptoms and substance abuse. Authors follow a new approach and focus on practical issues.


Craving for sobriety

Kelemen, Gábor - B. Erdős, Márta:

Craving for Sobriety 

ISBN: 63 216 3451
Published in 2004, Pecs. Faculty of Humanities University of Pécs & The Leo Amici 2002 Foundation.
132 pages
Language: English

"An extraordinary fellowship of recovering addicts presents itself to the readers of this book. In the following pages, its authors address a series of questions focused on the evolution, practices and ideology of this small therapeutic community..."

(from the preface written by Michael Seltzer, p. 7.)


Szenvedélybetegség, család

Kelemen, Gábor:

Addictions, family, psychotherapy
(Szenvedélybetegség, család, pszichoterápia)


ISBN 963 9079 69 3
Published in 2001, Pecs, Pro Pannonia
254 pages
Language: Hungarian

The work presents the reader with a triangulative approach integrating role theory, developmental psychology and systems theory in the treatment of addictions and family counselling.



Kelemen, Gábor & B. Erdős, Márta (eds.):

The Horizon of Addictionology
(Az addiktológia horizontja)


ISBN: 963 641 8233
Published in 2001, Pecs, University of Pecs.
210 pages
Language: Hungarian

Theoretical foundations, empiric studies as well as practical methods of assessment and treatment of addictions are collected in this volume based on the works of renowned authors as Ilkka Arminen, Robert Lefever, Judith Landau-Stanton, Douglas and Joanna Stellato-Kabat and Michael White.



Hamp, Gábor & Kelemen, Gábor (eds.):

The Family (A család)

ISBN 963 506 333 4
Published in 2000, Budapest, Balassi Kiadó
Language: Hungarian

Investigations into major transformations of the relationship between man and woman, taking place in late modernity. Psychological, social, societal and cultural consequences of the transformation are discussed.




Kelemen, Gábor (ed.):

Tele-dialogue (Tele-dialógus)


ISBN 963 9079 448
Published in 2000, Pecs, Pro Pannonia.
Language: Hungarian

The book comprises several articles on suicide prevention in Hungary with a special focus on the work of telephonic emergency services.


Socal legislation

Molnár, Margit:

Hungarian Social Legislation
(Magyarország szociális jogalkotása)


ISBN 963 641 575 7
Published in 1999, Pecs, PTE
Language: Hungarian

This textbook is among the first works on social law complementing available Western-European resources. The book has been published shortly after the transition of the social system in Hungary and explains social law for students in the social field.


History of social policy

Molnár, Margit:

History of Social Policy. Beginnings in Ancient Greece and Rome
(A szociálpolitika története. A szociálpolitika kezdetei a görög-római antikvitásban)


ISBN 963 641 4602
Published in 1997, Pecs, PTE
Language: Hungarian

A textbook based on the author's CSc thesis. Margit Molnar explores beginnings of European social policy, the nature of social theories, concepts, institutions and benefits, based on archeological findings and acts of ancient Roman private law.


Social Law

Molnár, Margit:

Social Law in the European Community
(Az Európai Közösség szociális jogalkotása)


ISBN 963 641 4513
Published in 1996, Pecs, PTE
Language: Hungarian

A textbook for social students defining basic concepts and describing the social political systems in the European Community. The work is based on Danny Pieters' seminal work: Introduction into the Social Security Law of the Member States of the European Community.



Molnár, Margit:

Introduction into General Law and Constitutional Law
(Általános jogi és alkotmányjogi ismeretek)


Published in 1995, Pecs, PTE
Language: Hungarian


The first textbook on law for students of sociology, social policy and social work. Rudiments of the Hungarian legal system and constitutional law are discussed in the book.



Kelemen, Gábor:

The Wide Spectre of Addictions
(Addikciók széles spektruma)


ISSN 0865-5499
Published in 1994, Budapest, National Institute of Alcohology,
312 pages
Language: Hungarian

This work discusses the developmental milestones of addictionology in Hungary focusing on the years of the social transition.


 Loss of control

Kelemen, Gábor & Gál, Béla:

Loss of control: A double description
(Kontrollvesztő alkoholizmus. Kettős leírás)

Published in 1990, Budapest, National Institute of Alcohology
82 pages
Language: Hungarian

A theoretical analysis on the implications of Gregory Bateson's seminal work (The Cybernetics of Self: A Theory of Alcoholism)

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